Sunday, 25 March 2018

March 2018. Job well done

We asked Paul to come and tidy our very overgrown garden. He did an excellent job. He is hard working, professional and well priced. We would definitely recommend him and may even have him back for further work in the future. Big thanks

March 2018. Job well done

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Lawn care

Lawn aerating - crucial service if you require a beautiful lawn

Over here in Reading / Berkshire a very common soil type is clay, if not heavy clay. Clay soil is a good base to build on, but you can"t just leave it to itself.

What are clay soils like?

  • heavy

  • high in nutrients

  • in winter clay soils are wet and cold

  • in summer clay soils can get extremely hard and dry

I do recommend to mix clay soil with lots of compost ( 50/50 ratio ) that help with drainage. It"s easily achieved when setting up new areas / flower beds, but what if we have a lawn sitting on

heavy clay soil ? We could still make considerable improvement !
Lawn aeration is one of them

LAWN AERATION - are there any benefits of it?

Main benefit of lawn aeration is opening up the soil which leads to reduction in soil compaction and drainage improvement.
Decompaction, better drainage, better air penetration - these are all benefits of lawn aeration which in my opinion is a best service you can offer your lawn to improve its appearance !

Yes ! We do offer an affordable lawn aeration service ! and our prices start from 50£

Aerating if done correctly and unlike lawn mowing is only required twice / possibly once a year.

We offer lawn aeration service either as a one-off or as part of our regular maintenance visits.

Please do contact us if you require more information or if you would like to book our lawn aeration service

Lawn care

Sunday, 4 March 2018


I was searching for someone to help get my garden ready for the summer and allow me a little more time to enjoy it! Upon meeting Paul for the initial quote, he was full of ideas and enthusiasm and to my surprise said he could start three days later.

Paul and his wing man turned up promptly in sub zero temperatures and worked with speed, focus and accuracy for two full days.

They re-did the entire rear fence, cleared substantial overgrown areas, removed one tree stump and one full tree whilst pruning the very over grown apple tree.

My entire decking was cleaned, lawn mown, shrubs and bushes trimmed, brambles stripped and every element of rubbish removed. The transformation was fantastic ..

I could not recommend Paul high enough and look forward to having him back to help advise and plant my new shrubs and flowers over the coming weeks.

Thanks Paul.