Monday, 18 April 2016

Oak railway sleepers installation

Oak railway sleepers installation. Heavy, high density wood that has a lifespan of 30 to even over 100 years.

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Oak railway sleepers installation

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Stump grinding / removal service

Stump grinding. Some stumps that were removed today

If you had some trees cut down recently, or had stumps in your garden for quite awhile, maybe it"s time you should consider having them professionaly removed.


  • It usually takes many years ( >10 ) for a stump to decay naturally.

  • Stumps are unsightly

  • Stumps make mowing difficult

  • Stumps can be a trip hazard ! - H&S :)

  • Ever heard of honey fungus ? Tree stumps left in the ground are a perfect base for that fungus to start invading and damaging your precious plants

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Stump grinding / removal service

Saturday, 2 April 2016

front lawn landscaped. April 2006

Paul recently re-landscaped my front lawn. He removed so serious hard to get tree stumps, levelled out the ground, relaid the lawn and finished off by doing some pave edgings for some rose bushes. The quality of his work was really good and he even started the work on the Easter Monday Bank Holiday. I have already recommended him to my brother and will do the same to those who ask who did the work. Excellent work by a polite and friendly chap.

front lawn landscaped. April 2006

Refreshed gravel area and new ground cover planting

Let"s not beat about the bush..

Was asked to refresh the area around the vegetable patches and come up with some planting ideas for two borders along the fence. Ultimately Low maintanance borders. Also to plant some bushes to provide some screening and be attractive as well.

Photos before and after:

New planting scheme includes:

  • Achillea nobilis asubs. neilreichii

  • Bergenias

  • Geranium macrorrhizum "Czakor"

  • Antehmis punctata subsp. cupaniana

  • Calluna vulgaris "Winter chocolate"

  • Armeria maritma thrift

  • Parahebe catarractae "Delight"

  • Ajuga reptans "Braunherz"

  • Forsythia spectabilis

  • Spirea arguta

  • Weigela burgundy

  • Caenothus Yankee Point

Thanks for looking !

Refreshed gravel area and new ground cover planting