Saturday, 22 August 2015

Where grass won"t grow


“Now, here on this ragged patch of earth called” a lawn..

landscaping where grass wont grow

Grass doesn’t grow well everywhere.. hence sometimes you have to come up with something different.

Here’s two patches near the house that barely got any sun.. landscaped to give a maintenance free area and of good appearance.

* Quote from 300. One of my favourites.. :-)

Where grass won"t grow

Garden raised beds and vegetable garden tidy up

In a rural area of Berkshire we were asked to redo eight raised beds, also remove four other patches and change it back to gravel area..

We used 6×2 ( 15cm x 5cm ) wood boards which should last a long time..

Photos speak for themselves so please have a look below:

Garden raised beds and vegetable garden tidy up

Garden in Reading recently landscaped by us

Our recent work in Lower Earley / Reading involved some landscaping.

Plans were arranged with the owners who basically wanted two areas. One for kids to have their swings, slides, trampoline etc… and the other in grass. Two flower beds have also been included which have not been planted yet.

We had to plan and work around previously constructed areas like patio and pathways.. We only made one change to these which was the

extension of steps leading to the lawn. It was just two slabs before. We have rebuilt steps so that they stretch from side to side, whole length of patio.

Originally garden was just a plain, uneven, un-level tired patch of grass.

Ground consisted of very heavy clay which we have improved by incorporating a good amount of compost and mixing up clay and compost together.

It should give grass and other plants a very good base to grow on.

I hope you agree that we have turned it into something more interesting. Given some plants this garden could look amazing..

Garden’s been sectioned off using railways sleepers.

Have a look at some photos taken at different stages of this project.

Any comments are welcomed.

Garden in Reading recently landscaped by us

Monday, 17 August 2015

Big tree stump grinding service

stump-grinding-service in and around Reading / Berkshire

Stump grinding service for customers in and around Reading / Berkshire.

Please call and after a quick free and no obligation viewing I will provide you with a quotation to have that unwanted big tree stump removed.

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Big tree stump grinding service