Monday, 31 March 2014

Garden services - summer"s nearly here

It’s been awhile since my last post, but it’s not like it’s been quiet. On the contrary, plenty of garden services going on.

Spring is here, summer’s approaching so Tidy Gardens are very busy sorting out your gardens!

It is mainly regular garden maintenance now. So things like weeding, spraying, lawn mowing. Just keeping on top of it!

We still feel the impact of recent storms in a way that there’s no fencing products available !!

We do have quite a few jobs lined up and we’re still waiting for all the materials to commence work !

Hopefully all the fencing stuff will be back in stock by the end of April and we can then crack on and build these fences !

Below few pictures of what we’ve been up to recently.

Garden services - summer"s nearly here

Friday, 14 March 2014

Garden bamboo screening installation

Old garden bamboo screening has reached it’s end of life.

New slated bamboo screening installed together with new wooden frame to support it.

Before and after photos below:

I don’t take half measures and always try to get the best possible results.

These garden bamboo screening slates were supplied by the customer. Quality of these left a lot to be desired but I think the end result is quite good. What do you think ?

Fencing | garden screening installation

Garden bamboo screening installation

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lawn patch up | returfing bare patches

Bare patches on your lawn? Lawn patch up using rolled turf is the quickest remedy

Whether some parts of your lawn have been affected by a disease or taken over by stubborn weeds or it’s a result of a mistreatment like for example spraying your lawn with a general herbicide ( i.e. roundup ) instead of a selective one ( i.e. feed & weed ).

Your lawn can be repaired quickly by laying new turf from a roll.

How to do it ?

1. Remove existing turf. About top 5cm.

2. Rake or best rotovate lightly.

3. Add top soil so that new turf is level with the rest of your lawn.

4. Lay new turf

5. Water straight after and keep watering daily for another 2 weeks.

Lawn repair services

Lawn patch up | returfing bare patches

Monday, 10 March 2014

Vacancy Clear Up


I hired Paul to provide an end of tenancy clear up of a back garden. His work and guidance were superb – the garden was transformed and all garden refuse removed. His quote was competitive and he worked hard to complete the job. More than happy to recommend him.

Vacancy Clear Up

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Garden planting - spring 2014

Garden planting for this difficult space near a big oak tree

It’s a difficult small garden. There is a big oak tree which overshadows most of that space.

I believe good plants have been selected and it will make it look much more presentable and enjoyable. Here’s some photos of what it looked like before:

Raised beds did not impress, plants near the fence ( scotch broom, holly, rose ) did not thrive.

I have planted camelias in between 2 shrubs ( fatsia japonica, choicia and … who knows that one? ) Camelias do well in half shade or even full shade. Soil is also acidic so that’s a good combination for camelia.

I got rid of holly, rose, scotch broom and another shrub and planted a line of spotted laurels which will do very well in a shadow area.

spotted laurel - garden planting

Raised beds have seen a total makeover.

Replanted with hypericum ( John’s Wart ) and Vinca ( periwinkle ) together with some other small ground covering plants.

Vinca can be invasive but in these raised beds can easily be managed or removed if needed.

raised bed garden planting

raised bed garden planting

Garden planting - spring 2014

Something"s in the air

Love is in the air!

frogs in a garden

Something"s in the air