Monday, 29 December 2014

driveway cleaning


Finally I have time to sit down and catch up with some office work..

also just before Christmas 2014 we have cleaned up / pressure washed a fairly big driveway down in Bracknell..

Have a look at a difference pressure washing a driveway / patio makes.

Interested in having us to do it for you ? please email us

driveway cleaning

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Fab job

Just to say thank you to Paul for doing a really great job for me, for a good price and at short notice on the weekend before Christmas – was able to put my light up afterwards and it looks awesome. Thanks again Paul! :)

Fab job

Sunday, 26 October 2014

On Time ,Very Tidy. October 2014

I Contacted Paul , After Seeing His Website And Arranged For A Call.

Very Prompt Service Even Though I had Changed The Original Date.

Our Garden Is Unloved , But Paul And His Team Arrived And Looks So Much Nicer, And Work so Tidy I have An Incentive To Work In It.

Pauls Quote Was We Think Very Good For The Work Completed , and Have Already Made A Note In The Diary For the Next Visit .

Thank you

Final Note , Would, And Have Already Recommended Paul To A Friend.

On Time ,Very Tidy. October 2014

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Garden cut back and tidy

We moved into our property last year and the garden needed some immediate attention. We started doing it ourselves but it soon became apparent that it needed some professional attention. I started looked around for local trustworthy gardeners and as soon as I saw Paul’s website I knew he would be the company I wanted to use. Not only were the already submitted testimonials great, but the pictures spoke for themselves. I contacted Paul and he replied straight away and popped round for a chat. He came out with some great suggestions and we agreed to go ahead. When I came home after the work had finished I was absolutely amazed. I was expecting a cut back and tidy but the job he did was brilliant. Not only did he do the job agreed, but he did so much more. We are now using Paul for regular maintenance to keep on top of the garden. I highly recommend Paul. No more to be said really :)

Garden cut back and tidy

Thursday, 16 October 2014

End of season garden maintenance

We’re in mid October and that is the end of season for your garden..

Nature is soon about to go for a winter sleep, like that hedgehog from a photo above.

Barbeques and all your garden furniture soon has to find it’s space in a garage or other storage to keep it away from destructive winter forces..

Apart from clearing leaves off your lawn you probably don’t think there’s anything else worth doing at the moment.

I actually think it is a very good time to have a closer look at your garden and see if there’s anything in need of repair or improvement.

What is it you should look at?

Assuming you have sorted out everything with regards to greenery in your garden like:

hedges and shrubs trimmed, perennials cut back, diseased plant/ branches removed, lawn mowed for the last time

You now have to look further..

  • Check retaining brick walls for damage/loose/missing bricks

  • Check and replace or improve your garden lawn edging

  • Check loose/cracked/wobbly patio slabs and replace if neccessary

  • Have a look at your fences in particular fence posts. Winter’s rather windy so before they get knocked down you might want to replace them

  • Could be a good time to give your paths a good scrub if they are mossy – always better to prevent any slips and falls.

  • Clear out compost bins if of course compost is ready

  • Autumn’s the best time for transplanting and planting new shrubs / trees / evergreens / perennials giving them enough time to establish good root system

  • Perfect time for lawn maintenance: moss and thatch removal, overseeding, lawn aeration

End of season garden maintenance

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Garden hedges cut / garden borders redone / fence erected

Summer’s over but weather’s still very good and we’re certainly not slowing down!

In this garden we have:

Tidied up the borders, removed all the vegetation, roots, debris and old membrane. Layed down a new weed membrane and filled up these borders with beautiful white Cotswold stones.

Cut the hedges

Put up a new fence

All done in my favourite neighbourhood – Lower Earley / Reading.

Garden hedges cut / garden borders redone / fence erected

Saturday, 6 September 2014

5 Star Service. September 2014

I am absolutely delighted with Tidy Gardens. Paul provided a fast, efficient and reasonably priced service. I would highly recommend Tidy Gardens and will be sure to call again when needed!

5 Star Service. September 2014

5 Star Service. September 2014

I am absolutely delighted with Tidy Gardens. Paul provided a fast, efficient and reasonably priced service. I would highly recommend Tidy Gardens and will be sure to call again when needed!

5 Star Service. September 2014

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Caversham garden clear up

Garden Clearance

Paul worked very hard to clear an untidy garden – leaving me with a blank canvas to work from. I live in a terrace house and rubbish had to brought through the property but Paul carefully laid down protective sheets) and left everything tidy. He is hardworking and helpful and I would recommend him.

Caversham garden clear up

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Garden Tidy up

Paul did a great job clearing my garden which had been neglected for nearly six months and was heavily overgrown with bamboo & ivy. He arrived on time, work was done exactly as discussed and I’m really pleased with the result.

Garden Tidy up

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hedge cutting specialists

Do you want to make sure your hedge is cut as it should be? Book a hedge cutting specialists @ Tidy Gardens

One simple thing when maintening your hedges as I mentioned some time earlier is a regular cut, but make sure you do it right !

It ain’t a rocket science, but so many people make that mistake.

Don’t cut your hedge in a reversed pyramid shape ! never.

Instead make a slight pyramid shape. That means cutting your hedge in a way that makes the bottom of it slightly wider than the top.

That will allow plenty of sun to get both to bottom and top of your hedge, making it all grow well from top to bottom.

Simples, right ? ;-)

It was hot today, I did not take “before photos” sorry.

Here’s a couple of after photos.

Enjoy hot weather while it lasts !

hedge cutting specialist

hedge cutting specialist

Hedge cutting specialists

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Major garden tidy up - Hurst. July 2014

Paul carried out a major tidy of my garden.

His work ethics and quality of finish was exemplary.

Held up to his word of finishing the work to my expectations. Even though it took longer to complete he was honourable to his original quote

Major garden tidy up - Hurst. July 2014

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Small stump removal - how to


I would like to share with you a little tip that might save you time, effort and your money.

There will be times when you would like to change something in your garden. Maybe create a new flower bed, redo an exisiting one, or get rid of a flower bed and create a patio or some

other low maintenance area instead. You might find that whilst doing it you stumble across a hard piece of wood stuck in a soil called a tree stump or shrub stump or a biggish root !



If you call for a gardener and it turns out to be me than thank you for your business :-) !

However a small stump removal isn’t that difficult with the right tool!

I decided to quickly write something about it, after today’s experience.

I got an email titled “bush root removal” asking for a quote to remove two roots which the customer couldn’t get out himself. I got there ready to quote and schedule that job for sometime next week but to my surprise these roots could have been dealt with there and then. Even with my trainers on ;-)

Customer managed to pull out another root earlier which was about half of the size of two remaining. It took him about 1.5h to do it with a spade and a fork.

Small stump removal

Now how to do it..

You need to be able to lift few pounds and crucially get yourself a right tool for the job !

Not a spade, not a fork ! and as much as you would love to use it, not a chainsaw ( goes blunt in no time when soil/dirt gets onto the chain )

All you need is…
A digging bar to remove a root / stump
digging bar to remove roots / small stump removal

It basically is a very strong rod, usually and inch in diameter with one end pointed and the other shaped like a chisel.

1. Cut into the ground around the root / stump with a chisel end.

2. Then try to push the pointed end as far as possible under the root. That will allow you to lever up the root. Do it few times alternately from either side of the root.

3. If there are bigger roots running away from the stump under the ground which you can’t cut / break with a digging bar then use an axe or uncover the soil around them and use a small pruning saw to cut them off.

Easy, and it won’t take long neither unless it’s a proper tree stump for which you might want to get a stump grinder.

Good luck !

Small stump removal - how to

Friday, 4 July 2014

Garden tidy-up - July 2014

On the hottest day of the year so far, Paul and his team worked non-stop to tidy our front and back gardens, which had been neglected for a while.They did a first-class job and I am very happy with the result. I would highly recommend Tidy Gardens.

Garden tidy-up - July 2014

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Re felting shed

Many thanks for a job well done and a fast reply sent a text on Sunday and job done on Monday afternoon thank you.

Re felting shed

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Fencing work in Woodley. May 2014

Paul and his team recently replaced the fencing in both my own and a couple of neighbouring gardens. the work was carried out efficiently with attention to detail and at a competitive price. They ensured that the entire garden was tidy before finishing. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Fencing work in Woodley. May 2014

Friday, 23 May 2014

Hedge reduction | trimming - Leylandaii

Over the last few days we had great fun with some hedges. All of them overgrown and all of them conifers. Grow like made so most probably leylandaii hedges. 3 tall leylandaii hedge reduction this week! How lucky we are :o

Hedge reduction after photos below. Look at the amount of green waste these lovely plants deliver!

Need hedge reduction, hedge trimming ?

Call us now !

Hedge reduction | trimming - Leylandaii

Monday, 19 May 2014

Hedge trimming, May 2014

Paul was able to give us a competitive quote and complete the work shortly afterwards. I was delighted to come home to see the garden looking so much better and all the waste taken away.

Hedge trimming, May 2014

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Excellent fencing, carefully installed

Tidy Gardens replaced about 10 fencing panels that had suffered in the recent storms. The new panels were of a high quality and were installed with great care and attention to detail. Paul and his staff were meticulous in tidying up afterwards, leaving the lawn spotless. My neighbour and I are delighted with our new fence and pleased that we chose Tidy Gardens to fit it for us.

Excellent fencing, carefully installed

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lawn mowing - big or small

Lawn mowing service in/around Reading – big or small

In this case a rather big area.

Below’s the lawn area… many steps ahead..

21″ walk behind mower – unfortunately

3h later, sun’s had already left me… SUCCESS !

lawn mowing - done

Lawn mowing - big or small

Turfing service - Tidy Gardens Reading

Turfing service. A helping hand for my friend who had his back garden / patio revamped by builders but at the same time lawn totally devastated by the very same people.

Area rotovated, compost added and new turf laid.

Few photos from the day.

And another one few days later

turfing service

Turfing service - Tidy Gardens Reading

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Pathway | Patio construction service - Tidy Gardens

Garden makeover under way including new patio construction!

Was was there before:
garden before - shingles

Was was the idea ?
garden design

That idea has seen a slight change – no line of shingles. Just patio / lawn / and a flower bed.

Patio construction service under way !

patio construction service

patio construction service

Would you like us to design / construct a patio area ?
Patio | Pathway design and construction service

Pathway | Patio construction service - Tidy Gardens

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Turfing. Recent garden project 20m2

Front lawn, garden makeover. Turfing and block edging.

Small 20m2 area has been damaged by previous building project.

Client wanted to returf the area only, but we’ve managed to push a bit with an extra option and with a really good result!

We enclosed the lawn with a nice edging using paving blocks. This in my opinion significantly improved the lawn appearance and

made it easy to maintain – with no edging/strimming after every lawn cut.

What do you think ?

Turfing. Recent garden project 20m2

Monday, 31 March 2014

Garden services - summer"s nearly here

It’s been awhile since my last post, but it’s not like it’s been quiet. On the contrary, plenty of garden services going on.

Spring is here, summer’s approaching so Tidy Gardens are very busy sorting out your gardens!

It is mainly regular garden maintenance now. So things like weeding, spraying, lawn mowing. Just keeping on top of it!

We still feel the impact of recent storms in a way that there’s no fencing products available !!

We do have quite a few jobs lined up and we’re still waiting for all the materials to commence work !

Hopefully all the fencing stuff will be back in stock by the end of April and we can then crack on and build these fences !

Below few pictures of what we’ve been up to recently.

Garden services - summer"s nearly here

Friday, 14 March 2014

Garden bamboo screening installation

Old garden bamboo screening has reached it’s end of life.

New slated bamboo screening installed together with new wooden frame to support it.

Before and after photos below:

I don’t take half measures and always try to get the best possible results.

These garden bamboo screening slates were supplied by the customer. Quality of these left a lot to be desired but I think the end result is quite good. What do you think ?

Fencing | garden screening installation

Garden bamboo screening installation

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lawn patch up | returfing bare patches

Bare patches on your lawn? Lawn patch up using rolled turf is the quickest remedy

Whether some parts of your lawn have been affected by a disease or taken over by stubborn weeds or it’s a result of a mistreatment like for example spraying your lawn with a general herbicide ( i.e. roundup ) instead of a selective one ( i.e. feed & weed ).

Your lawn can be repaired quickly by laying new turf from a roll.

How to do it ?

1. Remove existing turf. About top 5cm.

2. Rake or best rotovate lightly.

3. Add top soil so that new turf is level with the rest of your lawn.

4. Lay new turf

5. Water straight after and keep watering daily for another 2 weeks.

Lawn repair services

Lawn patch up | returfing bare patches

Monday, 10 March 2014

Vacancy Clear Up


I hired Paul to provide an end of tenancy clear up of a back garden. His work and guidance were superb – the garden was transformed and all garden refuse removed. His quote was competitive and he worked hard to complete the job. More than happy to recommend him.

Vacancy Clear Up

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Garden planting - spring 2014

Garden planting for this difficult space near a big oak tree

It’s a difficult small garden. There is a big oak tree which overshadows most of that space.

I believe good plants have been selected and it will make it look much more presentable and enjoyable. Here’s some photos of what it looked like before:

Raised beds did not impress, plants near the fence ( scotch broom, holly, rose ) did not thrive.

I have planted camelias in between 2 shrubs ( fatsia japonica, choicia and … who knows that one? ) Camelias do well in half shade or even full shade. Soil is also acidic so that’s a good combination for camelia.

I got rid of holly, rose, scotch broom and another shrub and planted a line of spotted laurels which will do very well in a shadow area.

spotted laurel - garden planting

Raised beds have seen a total makeover.

Replanted with hypericum ( John’s Wart ) and Vinca ( periwinkle ) together with some other small ground covering plants.

Vinca can be invasive but in these raised beds can easily be managed or removed if needed.

raised bed garden planting

raised bed garden planting

Garden planting - spring 2014

Something"s in the air

Love is in the air!

frogs in a garden

Something"s in the air

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lawn edging | block paving bricks | turfing

Most of us have lawn in our gardens. Most have some sort of lawn mowing equipment at home as well, but how about lawn edging?

If you are thinking about having a new lawn then think how you are going to maintain it.

Mowing along the edges, fences, deckings etc is not that simple unless you took some care in designing your space.

Think about lawn edging. These can be your friend every time you go out to mow your lawn. Bricks or stones put down flush with the surface of the lawn make mowing a pleasure. You don’t have to strim the edges or do anything else apart from running the mower with one wheel on the edge.

Here’s some pictures of a returfed area together with a newly created lawn edge along the fence made with block paving bricks.

Lawn edging | block paving bricks | turfing

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fast, impressive and affordable

We had a laurel hedge which had grown out of control, over the two years we had been in our house. Paul contacted me on a Sunday afternoon and had the job done by 11 o’clock the next day. The job was completed to a high standard, with all the waste cleaned up and disposed of (there was a lot). Paul beat every other quote I had been given by a considerable amount and there was no compromise on the standard of work. I will use his services again and I will recommend without hesitation.

Fast, impressive and affordable

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hedge cutting / trimming - Tidy Gardens

When it comes to hedge maintenance, regular hedge cutting / trimming is the single most important thing to do. Regular hedge trim will make your hedge compact and thick right from the bottom.

Why plant a hedge?

Hedge can be a perfect garden boundary, but the wrong one may give you troubles.

  • hedges provide shelter.

  • They dumpen noises, reduce strong winds

  • The obvious they give you privacy.

  • security but not all hedges. Thorny, prickly varieties like for example:

Common holly





  • some hedging plants like photinia give you a beautiful seasonal change.

  • hedge supports wildlife. Birds love nesting in them as well as eating some berries.

  • unlike wooden fences, hedges won’t need replacing for many many years and they don’t require anything more than regular hedge cutting.

I can’t stress that too much.

Hedges need your commitment to regular hedge cutting / trimming.

All types of hedging need at least one hedge cut a year. Some varieties more than one.

A regular light prune is much better for you and your hedge then an occasional heavy cut.

Power tools do a quick job if done regularly. High and overgrown hedges often need costly specialist equipment or professional help

to get them back into shape.

You can avoid a lot of problems in future if you choose the right hedging plants for your boundary.

Hedge planting – the right choice.

The many benefits of growing hedges on your boundary depend on selecting the right plants for the situation. If you choose an unsuitable variety you could be faced with a range of problems, especially if the hedge grows too big. It will be difficult to trim and may cut out light to your garden or house.

  • Its roots could deprive other plants of water and nutrients, and even interfere with paths and buildings.

  • Oversize hedges will intrude on your garden space, and may cause problems with neighbours.

  • Oversize hedges can be costly and time consuming to cut back and most conifers, including Leyland and Lawson’s cypress, will not tolerate hard pruning.

  • If the hedge borders a road or path the local authority could get involved, and insist the hedge is cut back.

Luckily there is a wide range of plants available so it’s not difficult to achieve an attractive healthy hedge – one which will take only as much upkeep as you can manage, and create an attractive feature in your neighbourhood, not a bone of contention.

Growth ratehedge cutting – how oftenSize if unprunedFoliagePrickly?
BeechxxxOnceLarge treeD/LLNo
BerberisxxOnceLarge shrubEYes
Cherry laurelxxOnceLarge shrubENo
CotoneasterxxOnceLarge shrubENo
EscalloniaxxTwiceLarge shrubENo
FirethornxxTwiceLarge shrubEYes
HawthornxxxTwiceSmall treeDYes
HazelxxxOnceSmall treeDNo
HollyxOnceSmall treeEYes
HornbeamxxOnceLarge treeD/LLNo
Lawsons cypressxxTwiceLarge treeE ConiferNo
Leyland cypressxxxTwiceLarge treeE ConiferNo
Portugal laurelxOnceLarge shrubENo
PrivetxxThreeLarge shrubENo
RosexxOnceLarge shrubDYes
Western red cedarxxTwiceLarge treeE ConiferNo
YewxOnceLarge treeE ConiferNo


Growth rate, for established plants

xxx – over 60cm/year

xx – 30-60cm/year

x – 15-30cm/year


D – deciduous

LL – dead leaves held in winter

E – evergreen

yew hedge

My favourite hedging plant has to be YEW ( taxus )

Classic choice but everlasting and makes an excellent hedge. Doesnt need that much hedge cutting either.

largest yew tree

Tidy Gardens can trim/prune most of hedges, but if you are that lucky and have spectacular yew like on a picture above then don’t us. Call for a crane ! :-)

Hedge cutting / trimming - Tidy Gardens

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fence post replacement - Tidy Gardens - fencing

Fence post replacement including new overlap panels

Fence repair as ordered by the customer.

However it makes sense to consider a closed board fencing on arris rails if there is a slope along the fencing line.

Fence post replacement - Tidy Gardens - fencing

Monday, 17 February 2014

Hedge cut, Maidenhead - first one in 2014

Here we have a first hedge cut in 2014.

Laurel hedge, cut long overdue..

and it wasn’t raining for a change!

Hedge cut, Maidenhead - first one in 2014

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Excellent quality, efficient and conciencous

TidyGardens came in to fell 5 mid sized conifers, install a section of high quality trellis (supplied by them), and to do a general clean up and tidy of what was a quite messy front and back garden that we inherited from the previous owners. The work was carried out very quickly, to a very high standard, and always in consultation with us, to ensure that we were happy as the work progressed. All in all, I can highly recommend TG; they are very hard working, conscientious and very keen to ensure that the work meets to the customer’s expectations. And all this with relatively reasonable charges. Excellent all round service; will certainly by using them again.

Excellent quality, efficient and conciencous

Friday, 7 February 2014

New wooden fence installed by Tidy Gardens

Replacement of a collapsed fence.

New wooden fence supplied by the customer.

4″ wooden fence posts

6′ overlap fence panels

fence post caps

One bit of advice..

Just bare in mind that if you are going to replace a broken fence you will most likely be putting in new fence posts where the previous ones were. That means you will have to break up concrete in which your last posts were sitting in.

It would be a very difficult job without a jack hammer so make sure you have got one before you begin.

Happy fencing !

New wooden fence installed by Tidy Gardens