Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tree service

Tidy Gardens – Tree service

I was doing some garden maintenance in a Lower Earley / Reading area yesterday.

It was in the morning and that was the start of the windy period that last until the morning following day. There was one dead tree in the garden and it starting moving about at the base of the trunk when wind picked up a bit.. It wasn’t a huge tree but was about 8m high. Big enough to cause damage to the house if fell down on it. I adviced for it to be cut down. It was a rented place and landlord was informed. I left, but few hours later I had a phone call asking if I could come again to cut it down as wind was picking up..

I set off as soon as possible, and just after I arrived that tree has fallen down. It collapsed onto a fence. I cut it up and removed it off the fence.

Lucky that it did not fell onto a house.

Act in time !

dead tree, Gardener tree serviceTree service – Tidy Gardens


Tree service

Snow clearing services - expect worst winter since 1947

Snow clearing this winter.

Long range weather forecasters warn about the worst winter in 60 years.

Let’s hope they are wrong, but if it will materialize you should get yourself prepared.

Snow clearing equipment like snow shovels, snow pushers, a bag of salt or grit. It will all help to keep your pathways clear and prevent lots of injuries for yourself or a passerby.

Unlike most of European countries UK law doesn’t oblige you to clear snow off the path near your house, but shouldn’t we all do our bit to keep pathways near our homes clear? As much as the outside of our property legally is not our responsiblity, it is a different story when it comes to internal pathways.

Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, householders do have a duty towards visitors, so if a postman or delivery man slips and injures himself on your drive or garden path then you most certainly can be sued.

Having aforementioned in mind if you won’t be able to keep up with the weather then have my number at hand. Snow clearance – click here

Have fun this winter and keep that snow away!

snow clearance

snow clearing

Snow clearing services - expect worst winter since 1947

End of tenancy cleaning - gardener

Are you?

An estate agent looking for a gardener to do

the end of tenancy cleaning of a garden ?

A lardlord wishing to have a garden restored after years of tenants negligence ?

A tenant desperate to get a full deposit back ?

No matter who you are, if you need a gardener look no further.

End of tenancy cleaning - gardener

Leaf clearing - gardening services in Arborfield

Leaf clearing – Gardener’s autumn duty..

Contact your local gardener

Leaf clearing - gardening services in Arborfield

Lawn maintenance and lawn weeds identification - lawn treatment / weed killers

Lawn maintenance – photos of common weeds below

Click an image to read more

Veronica filiformis Veronica filiformis

trifolium repens trifolium repens

Trifolium dubium Trifolium dubium

taraxacum officinale taraxacum officinale

soleirolia soleirolii soleirolia soleirolii

Sagina procumbens Sagina procumbens

rumex acetosella rumex acetosella

Rumex acetosa Rumex acetosa

Ranunculus repens Ranunculus repens

Ranunculus ficaria Ranunculus ficaria

Prunella vulgaris Prunella vulgaris

potentilla anserina potentilla anserina

poa annua poa annua

Plantago spp Plantago spp

Pilosella officinarum Pilosella officinarum

Luzula campestris Luzula campestris

Lotus corniculatus Lotus corniculatus

Leontodon spp - hawkbits Leontodon spp – hawkbits

Hypochaeris radicata Hypochaeris radicata

Glaux maritima Glaux maritima

Geranium molle Geranium molle

Crepis capillaris Crepis capillaris

cerastium arvense cerastium arvense


Aphanes arvensis Aphanes arvensis

Achillea millefolium Achillea millefolium

Lawn maintenance and lawn weeds identification - lawn treatment / weed killers

Hedge trim and general tidy up - Bracknell

No rest for the wicked! but no complaints really..

Another weekend wasted NOT!

A nice tidy up and hedge trim in this much loved and tendered garden in Bracknell, although hedges could do with a bit more frequent cut..

What’s been done?

  • Hedge trimming

  • Mowing

  • Leaf clearing

  • Flower beds weeded

  • Nasty brambles here and there removed

  • Driveway / patio swept

  • Even garden back door fixed ! :)

Book your visit today

Here’s a testimonial received from the client.

Hedge trim and general tidy up - Bracknell

leaf clear up and earthworms

Leaf clear up..

Today, I would like to explain one of the reasons why clearing up leaves off the lawn is important.

One of these reasons in this garden below is:


Not their beneficial activity of aerating the soil, but the detrimental effect of their casts on the surface of your lawn.

There are about 27 species of worm in the UK but only three create worm casts at the surface of your lawn

Earthworm cast is made up of soil and worm’s digestive system secretion. Final product is very slimy and if left on the lawn, can later be smeared across the lawn from mowing or even walking on the lawn. Earthworm casts also create bumps in the turf and can quite often be unsightly.

The vast amount of earthworm casts can quickly turn your lawn into a patch of mud.

Leaves do attract worms to the surface. Worms pull leaves into their burrows to feed on these later.

One simple thing you can do to discourage worms from coming to the surface is to clear autumn leaves immediately.

Leaf clear up service

That will limit the amount of casts on your lawn .

Other methods include:

- Use of an acidifier

- Spraying with a fungicide like: carbendazim

leaf clear up and earthworms